Welcome to Laps Free, we hope that you enjoy using the software, it was created over several years to make it easy to use and functional. The software is not designed to be the “greatest” or to have every function imaginable, only the options that are needed have been included to make the software easier to use.

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Improvements in the software are made at regular intervals, when a new version is released the details will be posted on the web site. When new functions are added updates will also be done to the manual and this is also downloadable from the web site.

What is Laps Free ?

Laps is software designed for a PC running Windows 95,98, NT, 2000, ME & XP. The software is designed primarily for the timing Radio Controlled Model cars but might have other uses such as timing model boats, hovercrafts or slot cars. Laps enables a racing event to be managed easily, functions have been added to automate processes and make life easier on the user.

For the purpose of timing, several different methods can be used. The program is able to use AMB timing equipment or take manual input via the keyboard.

This Manual

This manual will continually be updated/improved, the latest version will be downloadable from the To find the version of this manual please look at the 1st page.

Please make sure that the version of this manual corresponds to the version of the software that you are using, otherwise you may find that additional functions are available (either in the manual or the software).

Computer System Requirements

The computer specification required depends on many attributes, however as a general rule:

Spec Recommended
Processor Mhz
Screen Resolution
Sound Card

To set your computer for timing purposes (for any timing program not just Laps):