Output Options

The “Output” button on the main screen will bring up several options, these options will either print or show information on screen.

Final Results
This bring up a screen where the round and finals can be selected and a printout of the results will then be produced, this feature is useful for printing the results at the end of the day for trophy presentations etc.

Position Print (EOR)
This produces the positions of the drivers just as the EOR screen does, the rounds used can be set and so the results can be printed at any time.

A screen will be opened showing some of the statistics of the current event, laps completed by each class and miles completed etc.

Frequency Numbers
Lists the number of people that have each frequency.

Start Order
After the first round a list of start orders for each race can be produced, this is only for those that use stationary staggered starts where the computer reads out the starting order. This produces the same output as the EOR screen.

Using this feature can produce labels that might be useful for booking in an event or sticking to transmitters, several options are available including a print then feed method that allows the use of direct printing of envelopes.