HTML is created automatically after each round is complete and after each race.

The HTML pages are located in a specific HTML directory that is made once an event has been created. In the directory that LapsW.exe is in there will be another directory called ‘event files’ open this.

In the ‘event files’ directory open the event directory that you want the files from, open the ‘HTML’ folder in that directory and the files are in there.



Drivers can have a picture associated with them, this will show up on the race screen if they are in the top three. There is a directory called “driverpics” located in the same directory as lapsw.exe, place drivers pictures in here.
Pictures should be of type .jpg, the frame for showing pictures is 95 * 125 larger images will be reduced to fit into the space. Picture files should be no larger than 50k in size (most of ours are 7k) because the computer has to load the picture each time it is used.


Removing Old Events / Database

After several events you might want to delete old data that you no longer need, each event is created in its own directory, to remove the event just delete the directory.

The events are located in the ‘event files’ directory that is located in the same place as lapsW.exe (standard installations with have this at c:\program files\rctimingDOTcom\laps free\)

Each database has its own file, database files are located in the directory ’database’ (located in the same place as lapsw.exe), just delete the file to remove it.

Multiple FTD

Multiple FTD

The multiple FTD button appears on the EOR Positions & Sort Table Screens, by pressing it the above screen is shown.

FTD is normally the best single result a driver has achieved, by using this option a numbers of the drivers best results can be added together to give a new totaled result.

Enter the number of best rounds you want to count into ‘Number of rounds to score’ (must be 2 or higher).
Then select all the rounds or a selection of rounds between 1 and 19. Once OK is pressed the totaled result will be placed into round 20, the heats/finals or EOR results can then be printed (making sure you select round 20 as the only round to count as this I the only one with the totaled result).