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Downloads - Laps Free

Download the full program

USA and Americas
UK and Europe

In other countries download either version and also a frequency file from above. It is a good idea to apply the latest automatic update.

Manual/User Guide
Laps Free Manual View Online | Download

Program Updates
Lap Free 0.14 Automatic update (608 Kb)
Old Versions >
Lap Free 0.13 Automatic update (586 Kb)
Lap Free 0.12 Automatic update (588 Kb)

Lap Free 0.11 Automatic update (564 Kb) (10 Cars per race only)

Frequency Files
UK & Europe Frequency File
German Frequency File
USA & Canada Frequency File
Australia Frequency File

Sound Files
Dutch Sound Files (2.2 MB)
Danish Sound Files (640 Kb)
Hebrew Sound Files (1.9 MB)
Horn Sounds (useful for Nitro racing) (66 Kb)

CSV import Example & Instructions (back soon!)
Uno Board Light Controller Driver

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FileZilla - FTP upload client, a good alternative to the popular Cute-FTP.

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Spybot - Search & Destroy - Removes Spyware, unwanted menu bars, dialers etc. Picks up some things the Ad-aware doesn't.

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