Old News

Laps Free changes- 31st August 2006
Laps Free 0.14 is now available for download, the layout of the program has changed in several ways and an additional screen for spectator viewing has been added. The spectator screen will be useful for those with notebooks that allow dual displays, this is useful as spectators can have a constant view of the race while the race controller is free to change setting, add additional driver etc.

Revisions to the manual will be made in the next few day.

New AMBrc3 - 31st August 2006
AMB are releasing a new decoder for use with models, the decoder still uses the existing "Red" transponders but includes additional features and a change from USB to 10/100 Ethernet (network connection) in line with decoders for other sports. Laps Free from version 0.14 can use the AMBrc3 Ethernet connection and serial port. The new AMBrc3 decoder features are described on our timing systems page.

New Sounds- 31st August 2006
Nitro cars, trucks and boats can be very loud and sometimes the start/end signals are very difficult for competitors to identify. We have created two new horn sounds to help with this; worked very well in testing !

New Sound Files- 26th May 2006
Hewbrew sound files are now available from the downloads page, thanks to Gala and Avi Yadgar for these.

Software update V0.13 - 22nd November 2005
Those with drivers using 2.4Ghz radios will welcome the new V0.13 release, some improvements and fixes are also included.

The manual has been updated to reflect the changes, there will be software another update soon.

Software update - 9th August 2005
Laps Free 0.12 can now be downloaded, this update increases the number of drivers per race and has some additional features/improvements. Manual to be updated for new features soon.

Transponder Testers - Sold Out- 7th July 2005
Transponder Tests have all been sold, if there is demand we may build some additional units in the future.

Software update - 1st April 2005
Laps Free 0.11 can now be downloaded, this update fixes two problems and has some improvements.

New Hardware - 7th March 2005
A range of hardware to work with Laps Free and other timing programs is now available.

Transponder Tester - 3rd March 2005
Someone from Chile has sent payment for a transponder tester but hasn't provided an address, please email with details.

Program update - 2nd February 2005
The latest version of Laps Free can now be downloaded, there are a few improvements and fixes, the manual has been updated to reflect the changes.

System 20 Transponders - 29th December 2004
System 20 transponders have now sold out, If you have a transponder that requires a new battery then we have some of these parts still.

Site update - 2nd December 2004
Its a year since the rctiming.com launched, thousands have downloaded Laps Free and its pleasing to know that many of these are new clubs/tracks that are just getting started. Not only do rc cars facilities use our software but boats, slot car and a variety of other sports often use it.

The web site now has a festive look (hope you like it), most pages on the site have been updated, "Future Software" has been renamed "Future Products" and covers developments for next year. Its disappointing that the new lap counting software isn't ready for release but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Program update- 16th November 2004
A new version of the software is online, the new version is now installed using an automatic extractor (no need for manual extracting/unzipping). The manual has also been updated with the latest version information.

Site updates - 6th September 2004
The future software page has been updated, the links pages now includes some links to club/tracks and new information sites. A testimonials page has also been added and the Laps Free page now includes new program features.

Program update - 31st August 2004
Version 0.08 is now available for download, a few useful little additions have been included.

Mailing list - 3rd August 2004
A mailing list has been added to the site, if you want to know the latest news by email then please subscribe via the box on the left side of this page.

New online manual - 22nd July 2004
A new manual that can be downloaded or viewed online is now available and includes the updates for version 0.07 . The new manual is colour coded to show the parts that have been updated.

Site updates - 20th July 2004
The FAQ has been updated, there are some updates planned for the site including a testimonial section and a page for clubs that want us to link to them.
So if you would like to write your views on Laps Free (a testimonial) or want your club linked contact us.

Software update to 0.07 - 20th July 2004
Version 0.07 of Laps Free is now online for download, there are quite a few additions so please look at version information,

Danish sound files - 3rd July 2004
Danish sounds can be downloaded from the downloads page.

Transponders for Sale - update - 4th June 2004
Quantity of system 20 transponders now available has been updated.

Transponders for Sale & Sound files - 22nd May 2004
We are selling some system 20 transponders (link above). Dutch sound files have been added to the downloads page.

Page update - 16th May 2004
Version 0.06 links were missing from the last site update, they now work.

Software update - 13th May 2004
Version 0.06 of Laps Free and manual/user guide are now online for download, for update information look at the version information.

Web Site changes - 21st Apr 2004
Several new pages have been added to the site, a guide to timing systems, RC car racing and a useful free software page.

Software update - 31st Mar 2004
Version 0.05 of Laps Free and manual/user guide are now online for download, updates to the FAQ and version information.

Manual/User Guide update- 20 Feb 2004
Manual version 0.04 is now online, the FAQ section of the support page has been updated to include a feature that was missed from the manual in earlier versions.

Update - 18 Feb 2004
Laps Free version 0.04 can now be downloaded, the update information can be found at the support page where there is also and updated FAQ.

Update - 18 Jan 2004
Laps Free version 0.03 update & manual can now be downloaded, for details about the updates see the support page. A frequency file specifically for Germany is now available (Thanks to Markus Dinkhoff), and an rctiming.com banner is available on the links page.

Program Update - 30 Dec 2003
Laps Free version 0.02 is now online, only a very minor update.

Web Site Update - 11 Dec 2003
Details of each version/updates have been added to the support page.
Users of Laps Free version 0.00 can now download an update to 0.01

Manual Update
A slightly updated version of the Laps free manual is now available for download

Web Site Update
The full site is now visible to everyone, all the features should work. If anyone has a problem please contact us.